All About Us

Jason Cowan - Co - Owner / Pool Tech

Jason first started working in the pool industry in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew came through south Florida. Jason was cleaning pools in Ocean Reef this was primarily hurricane recovery. Many pools required pump- out, debris removal and acid washes and a chlorine bath. A nice way to break into this industry and get a real taste of the requirements of the job. He went to work after this for a small pool company running a small pool route. He did this just for a year. Moving on to try other jobs. Eventually coming back to the pool industry in 2001. This route was much larger and had residential and commercial pools. Giving him a wide variety of pools spanning from above ground pools, spas and pools over 110,000 gallons.  Many had waterfalls, infinity edges and water slides, swim up bars and island tables and beach access. With this he was able to hone his skills on the chemistry and maintenance of all these types of pools.

 In October of 2016, he left his longtime home of the Florida Keys. It was time to move on and make his dream of owning his own pool business come true. Finding a new home in Deland in 2017. In August of 2017 Aquarian Pools Of Deland was born. If you have questions for Jason you can email him at


Diana McCune-Cowan - Co-owner / Manager

Diana has the business sense. She keeps the everyday operations going. With the history of owning and operating a successful business in the Florida Keys. Learning everyday about the chemistry of a successful pool business. If you have questions for Diana you can email her at