Terms of Service


Aquarian Pools will service your pool with no contract. Either party can end the relationship at any time for any reason. 

The pool service payment is based off a 4-week month. There is extra time accrued from the months with 5 weeks. Two of these weeks will be taken as vacation time. It will be scheduled in advance and with the least amount of impact on the customer. In addition, national holidays will be observed. The remaining time is held for inclement weather. Rain days will still be worked. The only exception to this is during lightning. Chemicals will be checked/balanced. Any use of the pole (debris removal, brushing etc.) will not happen with lightning in the area.

Hurricane Clean-up will be done as needed and only will occur an extra charge for heavily affected pools. We will let the customer know in advance if this is the case for their pool.

We are responsible for

· maintaining your pool chemistry

· Debris removal

· Brushing

· Filter cleaning

· We will let you know if filters or other equipment for your pool needs replacement.

Customers Responsibilities

· Maintaining proper water levels

· Ensuring access to the pool on normal service days

· Let us know if there are any changes in your pool service as early as possible. (adding extra cleaning days, i.e. A party and you want service before that. Construction happening. Or canceling service) So we make sure your invoice is accurate.

· Please pay invoice on time. Our invoices are representable of the month we have already worked.

 Enjoy your well-maintained pool!